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Step Change in Extending Shelf Life

Berry Gardens are delighted to announce the signing of an arrangement with Anacail Ltd to exclusively use their Ozone technology for berries, cherries and plums in the UK Marketplace.

Berry Gardens CEO, Jacqui Green, comments “This technology is game changing in our industry, using Ozone, a proven sterilant, to reduce the presence of yeasts and moulds. This means extended shelf life, reduced waste and a better product for our consumer. We are thrilled to be working with Anacail and our businesses are closely aligned in our ambition to ensure the best berries, cherries and plums are available to our consumers across the breadth of the retail sector”

Anacail’s CEO, Ian Muirhead adds “We are delighted to sign this collaboration with Berry Gardens, a major player and leading innovator in their sector. It is a major milestone for Anacail in bringing our innovative technology to market.”