Passion for quality

Our consumers chose to buy food for taste, enjoyment and health.

Here at Berry Gardens we are lucky people. Fruit has evolved to tempt its consumption with attractive colours, sweetness and taste. Fruit therefore starts with a natural advantage and berries have one of the biggest of all. They lead the field for flavour, juiciness, and for a wide range of health benefits. Please find out more about the benefits of berries on www.seasonalberries.co.uk

The great taste of our product inspires us to try even harder to ensure that when we deliver fruit to the consumer it is of the very best quality – great taste, attractive and of course it is very, very healthy too. Our refrigerated supply chain brings you berries in the freshest condition, and our quality management systems ensure that we achieve consistent high quality whilst always striving for improvement.

All our Berry Experts (that would be all of us) talk and do quality – it’s a passion of ours.