Grower Owned

Berry Gardens consists of a growers’ co-operative and a wholly owned marketing company providing selling, technical and support services. We provide a full range of these services to our UK growers and some of these services to a number of overseas partners and suppliers.

Consumers are increasingly keen to know who produced their food, and how and where it was produced. Our grower ownership ensures the shortest route to market and complete transparency in the supply chain. The geographic spread of our UK growers means we can effectively “do local” all over the country.

Retailers are keen to take out cost and middle men in order to give their customers the best value. We support this. When retailers buy from us they are buying direct from the growers in the most efficient manner. Therefore instead of employing sales and support staff in farms all over the country, or generating profit for our external shareholders, our group of growers share the cost and benefit of Berry Gardens which saves a great deal of money in the supply chain.

Overseas growers deal with us knowing we are financially secure, we have the best access to the UK market, and as a grower owned group we are open, fair and low cost.

Lastly our very own UK grower owners are members of the group because they get industry leading service at the lowest cost, access to proprietary R&D, and not least membership of a community where information exchange and co-operation are part of our DNA.