In October 2019, Berry Gardens officially opened its doors to a new £20million eco-friendly fruit packing and storage facility in Linton, near Maidstone– the biggest soft fruit pack house in the UK.

The Berry Gardens Packhouse (BGP) features 150,000 square foot of Packhouse and storage with 50,000 square foot of mezzanine floor space, which houses the business head office alongside new canteen and welfare facilities.

The development, which has around 200 permanent employees, stores, packs and distributes around 60million punnets of soft fruit each year to major UK retailers, food service and convenience outlets. The project is designed with future innovation and sustainability as a key priority and with the aim of one day being a fully sustainable and carbon neutral operation.

The Berry Gardens Packhouse has one of the biggest solar energy systems of its kind, featuring 3,614 solar panels covering 6,143 square meters on the roof of the building. As a result we have saved over 215,388KG of Co2 emissions, the equivalent of planting 10,906 trees over 10 years.

A year on, Berry Gardens has also established a number of other environmental initiatives:

  • 0% waste issued to landfill
  • 6200 trees and shrubs planted around the site
  • 18 charging points for electric cars
  • Energy efficient refrigeration system
  • 3 electric plug points for standing HGV trailers
  • Thousands of trees planted on site grounds and biodiversity site
  • Backing paper recycling initiative with Coveris
  • Slick waste management system
  • 2 fuel interceptors installed at each side of the site
  • Passive Infrared(PIR) sensors throughout the office and operational space
  • Regular litter picking events around the packhouse

In addition, we are in process of working with the British Standard Institutions (BSI) Group to gain a ISO 14001:2015 Certification, which is an internationally agreed standard and sets out the requirements for an effective Environmental Management System

Please click here to view the Berry Gardens Packhouse ISO 14001 Certificate

Berry Gardens’ Packhouse Environmental Policies are available upon request.

Please click here to view details of our EU-funded project: Berry Gardens Central Fruit Packing and Distribution Facility.