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British Cherries At Their Best

“The cherry market is very exciting at the moment with many growers investing in orchards trialling different growing methods, and planting concept orchards to ensure consistent supply as British cherries continue to enjoy a resurgence, says Alastair Brooks, Berry Gardens Chairman. In fact one of our growers, Lower Hope Farm were recognized in the Grower Awards earlier in the year as “Top Fruit Grower of the Year”.

“Retailers are also supporting the British cherry industry with confirmed programmes in place throughout the season, continues Alastair. As a co-operative we are looking closely at introducing new varieties to the UK in the not too distant future and will be able to divulge more in 2016”.

Berry Gardens sales to supermarkets are currently +12% year on year due to increased production and forecast to be +30% by the end of season.

At the recent National Cherry and Soft Fruit show Berry Garden growers scooped 28 Awards, 8 of those for cherries.

According to Kantar1, the cherry market has grown just over 10% in value this year with penetration above raspberries at 39.9%.

Whilst the blackberry market currently accounts for only £28million of the berry market, it grew by 10% year on year. Its growth is being driven by the Sweet Eating Blackberry varieties such as Driscoll’s® Victoria. Berry Gardens forecast 20% growth in their UK volumes by the end of the season.

“As a group our tonnage of Sweet Eating Blackberry varieties has increased over 50% year on year, with Driscoll’s® Victoria making up a large percentage of the production. It was a new variety last year and has been well supported this year by the retailers. For example it has been included in the Tesco £1 convenience pack this year bringing in new consumers, says Nick Marston. We anticipate next year the sector will continue to grow with increased tonnage available.”



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1 . Kantar Worldpanel market share data for 52 weeks prior to week ending 21st June 2015.