Being a BG grower

What it takes

Berry Gardens growers need to be:

  • Excellent horticulturists with a great passion and love of growing berries
  • Innovative and always pushing forward by trialling new varieties, systems and cultural techniques
  • Good custodians of their local environment, employing wherever possible the least impactful farming methods, promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable systems of cultivation
  • Responsible employers that treat their staff fairly in accordance with local law and customs, which they respect
  • Always striving to improve their fruit quality, and especially the flavour and taste of their berries, so that consumers want to purchase more!

The benefits

Berry Gardens growers benefit from:

  • A grower owned marketing company that aims to sell all our producers fruit to the best of their ability regardless of where they are based
  • Being approved to supply the widest range of retailers across the UK high street
  • A financially secure company that will pay promptly and be open and transparent in respect of returns and charges
  • Dedicated professional staff who are experts in the berry business
  • A company that is passionate about berries, aiming to grow its sales and market share through providing the British consumer with the best quality berries that are a delight to eat all year round